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Energy Healing

Training in Wimborne, Dorset

Jane Fitzgibbon
Tutor for Wimborne

Namaste. My name is Jane Fitzgibbon. I was born in Exeter, Devon and moved to the

Bournemouth area when I was 7 years old.

I have been practising Reiki on both humans and animals for well over 20 years and have

practised and taught Reiki on two continents, having lived in the USA for the last 7 years.


Now living back in Wimborne (believed by some to be the centre of the Universe) I’m, ready

to start spreading the Reiki love/energy back in the UK.


It is my belief that the knowledge of Reiki should be shared with everyone and it is my

mission every day to tell at least one person of this wonderful modality.


Reiki is an amazing gift and will change your life and the lives of those you meet on the

journey of life. I would be honoured to guide you along your Reiki path.


In love and light.

Jane Fitzgibbon

Courses available at this venue

Accredited Diploma in Reiki 1

Accredited Diploma in Reiki 2

Accredited Diploma in Reiki 3 (Mastership/Teachers Level)


Course dates

Please get in touch and we can arrange a mutually convienet date.


There are plenty of local shops, cafes and supermarkets in Wimborne. Alternatively you can bring lunch with you.


Class Size

Generally a minimum of four students is required in order for a course to run and the maximum class size is six. We can offer 1:1 training for Reiki Level 3.



This will be confirmed at time of booking.

Contact Jane

t: 07727 608501


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