What happens at your Bioresonance appointment?

Informal Chat

Clients can often feel nervous during their first appointment using Bioresonance so I wanted to write a brief description about what to expect. Firstly we will discuss your reasons for visiting and your expectations, and some brief questions about your health.

During your scan we will watch the software examine many different areas of your body, and if there are any genetic issues currently ‘triggered’ in your lifestyle it will pinpoint these and save the information for us to look at after the scan is complete. We will watch the process together whilst you sit comfortably on the chair.

Most questions can be answered after the scan is complete and information has been collated – this process can take up to forty minutes and the rest of the appointment will be talking you through some of the most obvious results.

Studying Your Results

Most of the work is done by me after the appointment when I set about looking through your results with a fine tooth comb to check all your bodily systems, this process often takes many hours, and I save all the information into an easily accessible and understandable personalised report.

During the process of studying your results I will be looking for vitamin and mineral deficiencies in various parts of the body, especially for long term imbalances which can help to indicate what to prioritise in your sometimes complicated journey back to health.

My research will be guided by your physical complaints outlined in your assessment during your appointment. For example if the nature of your ailments relates to digestive issues then first I will be checking for digestive disorders but also food allergies and bacterial imbalances such as gut dysbiosis. If a client complains of joint issues, I will check their skeletal system but also their hormonal system and how well they are correlating together, my aim is to help restore a more harmonious relationship between all the bodily systems.

The software will recommend various treatments ranging from homeopathy or phytotherapy to mainstream allopathic medicine. Often I may recommend you to consult with your GP following a scan, Bioresonance is not meant to replace advice given by your current medical provider, rather to enhance or support.

I work very hard to ensure each client receives a comprehensive report, but input from yourselves to understand the cause and root of illness is paramount to achieve positive result in your life – it’s not until we fully realise that we can take the reins to our health and become responsible for the outcome, can we blossom into our full potential and wellbeing.

Bioresonance can help us achieve this health revolution by giving us insight and further understanding our bodies and it’s needs.

Louise Pascoe - Nutritional Therapist at Holistic Zone

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