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Initial consultation: 
60 mins - £40.00
Follow up: 
45 mins - £40.00

Nutritional Therapy


Louise Pascoe is a Nutritional Therapist with the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT). Her practice is based here at Holistic Zone.


Did you know that many people are suffering from malnutrition in England and America despite not being underweight? There can be many reasons for this including not enough nutrients in our diet, but also chronic health conditions leading to malabsorption in the intestines.

Also as we age we find it harder to extract the nutrients we need from our foods, sometimes we may need to supplement these nutrients to assist our body. By performing a nutritional assessment, Louise can:


  • detect probable nutrient deficiencies 

  • detect genetic methylation issues 

  • detect malabsorption

  •  detectbacterial Overgrowth

  •  detect IBS

  • work with any existing diagnosed health conditions to help improve your health

  • formulate personalised dietary strategies and food plans 

  • assess your antioxidant capacity and suggest nutritional recommendations to increase your antioxidant protection


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