Louise Pascoe

I am from the South Coast of England and I am a Nutritional Therapist, my practice is based at Holistic Zone.


As a person who is Diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and its co-infections, my knowledge goes above and beyond what I have learned in my formal education. Having researched chronic illness in some depth over the last four years, I am familiar with recognising some of the subtle symptoms of what can be called ‘invisible illnesses’, those which your doctor may not be able to pinpoint, but may be causing you fatigue, discomfort or distress. These can often be caused by, or a symptom of, nutritional imbalances, environmental toxins or even relate to genetic differences in your ‘make-up’ all of which I can help to identify.


I hope to shine some light on some of the positive ways in which we can all improve our health by changing our lifestyles, our diets and by educating ourselves about how to minimize toxic exposure, in order to work towards an improved quality of life.


I provide Nutritional Therapy Consultations and Bioresonance Consultations and Scan.

If you are interested in any of my services, please feel free to get in touch.

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